Our holiday visit to the Apple store (with photos)

Ever wonder if you're the only one concerned about DRM when you're doing your holiday shopping? We hit the streets yesterday to make sure that you aren't.

Defective by Design activists took a stand in front of an Apple Store in Boston to get people thinking about the injustices of DRM-laden gifts and show them that they can do better by their loved ones.

Dressed as elves and accompanied by an unusual Santa, we distributed copies of our 2013 Giving Guide to the curious crowd. The guide raises the alarm about DRM in popular gadgets and tech gifts, and proposes replacements. These better options won't spoil the holiday cheer with remote deletions, or deactivations, limits to copying and use or privacy violations, all of which are staples of the DRM industry.

We welcome you to join in the fun and distribute the Giving Guide to your loved ones and friends this holiday season.

To make a really big splash, get some friends together, print the PDF version of the Giving Guide and hand it out near a local store that sells DRM-encumbered products. Be sure to take photos! Send us photos and any questions at info@defectivebydesign.org.

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