Amazon Kindle is Defective by Design


Books sold for the Amazon Kindle ebook reading computers (ereaders) are frequently released with DRM (Digital Restrictions Management). By selling texts restricted by DRM, Amazon ensnares readers, controls their access to their books, and infringes on their freedoms. When you buy a physical book, you can exercise the freedoms expected of readers lending your books to friends, reselling or donating them, and knowing your reading and buying habits are not being tracked. Amazon poses a constant threat to your ebook collection, maintaining the legal and technical opportunity to take a part or total of your personal library away from you at any time for any reason.

In 2009, Amazon deleted ebook versions of George Orwell's 1984 from Amazon Kindle ereaders. Over the years, they have taken legally purchased ebooks from people all over the world.

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Amazon Music refuses access to web browsers that don't have the DRM extension to HTML (EME) embedded in them. This prevents users from downloading or even listening to their music purchases without consenting to use DRM.

Take Action

We are taking a stand against DRM! In addition to our other work against DRM, there are specific ways we are standing up to Amazon: