Defective by Design


Information out of date

Called This Exec at Canada's Motion Picture Group

Called This Exec at MPAA had problems

Called Canadian MPAA or CMDPA

Called MPAA


Spoke with Katie in Dan Glickman's office

Left a message

A few more notes

Spoke w/ Kori Bernards' Assistant

Spoke with Kori Bernards assistant -- left message

Spoke w/ Elizabeth Kaltman

Bad for the customer, and bad for the MPAA

Called Dan, forwarded to PR

Left Message

Received call back from Dan!

Called first 6 on the list - stonewalled

Lose-Lose Proposition

Please call Kori Bernards

Called Dan Glickman

CMPDA / Douglas Frith not feeling impact yet!

I will boycott the new HD formats

Call to Kori Bernards @ the MPAA

Voicemail City

Denhard's wrong number

Left him a nice message...


No more MPAA phones...

No dice

Wow and hour on the phone with Susan